Three month training is included. During that time I will help the buyer setup distribution in Europe in all major markets.
After the training I will be available for support questions as long as needed. 

Sales Expose

The rum distillery was founded in 2014 in Aregua, Paraguay. 

Sales markets have been opened in Germany, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. Spain and Italy to launch in August 2021. 

Pure Single Rum … no additives Rum is the Nr one trend in spirit drinks surpassing Gin sales in 2020. The craft trend is constantly growing … in Gin there are hundreds of craft distilleries, in rum only very, very few … almost none. 

Since Covid19 the consumption of medium premium spirits has increased multifold while classic brands have massively lost market share. We are one of very few rum distilleries around the world that do not add any additives to our rum. The EU implemented a law in 2021 regulating that going forward no additives are allowed to be used in rum, except caramelized sugar for color correction and up to 20gr sugar per liter to balance the aroma and smoothen the taste. Many rum brands now need to call their rum alcoholic beverage with rum aroma. They can not be called rum anymore. We do not use aroma, we do not use coloring and we do not add any sugar … we only produce “pure single rum”. The sweetness from our rum comes from the wood, not from sugar. 

Consumers increasingly look for identity behind a brand … our brands have that identity, because real people have real stories.


In the distillery is an upscale restaurant that caters to the local market while also selling rum. 

Our premium slow cooked fast food burger and pizza restaurant sells to customers our full range of products. We do regular tastings on weekends to introduce rum and its history to our community.