The property consists of two 1.000sqm pieces of land that can be split at any time if needed.

Distillery land of 1.000sqm

28.52 x 35.29m

The main warehouse is 27 x 16 meters, 8 meters high

In the front is a parking space with two roofs on the left and right. Under one roof is the restaurant kitchen with a wood burning fire oven with space for around 10 pizzas.

The other side is for storage and restaurant tables.

Behind the distillery is an open roof for the workshop and storage and another open roof for the sugar cane presses. 10 x 28.52m

Privat land of 1.000sqm

23.55 x 42.77

Main house has two floors with a total living aerer of 80sqm with a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. All open space. The kitchen has a door to a terrace. From the terrace it is around 1.50 m to the 25m long swim pond.

Guest house of 30sqm with a shower bathroom.

On request we can build further four casitas for AirBnB renting with an expected rental income of 5.000€ income.