In every way really contemporary and modern. Because it is completely “hand crafted” according to all the rules of the art and at the same time by the noticeable names and eye-catching labels a “concept rum”.

Timm uses no dyes, no flavors, no sugar, produces in batches and labels each bottle by hand with its own number. In his distillery, he has built himself a cold room that allows to defy the tropical temperatures and to extend the fermentation to 2 weeks. For the Rhum Pur Jus de Canne or “Rhum Agricole”, the “french methode” a very fresh sugar cane is harvested in his direct neighborhood, the sugar cane is delivered by truck, then manually squeezed with a “trapiche”. The fresh mosto is first cleared, then reduced to around 14% brix, then fermented.

For the “english method” certified organic molasses is processed.

An English food analysis institute (Campden BRI / GB) has tested the rum and comes to the following verdict: “Upscale rum bouquet (nose), full-bodied and complex, excellent sensory properties.“

His background: a native Dutchman, but raised in Germany. His last name “Hogerzeil” in Dutch means “the high sail”. His family trades around the world for hundrets of years.

Timm works with his love of women to put James Bond in the shade and has lived and worked in about sixteen countries.
Los Angeles, New York, Vienna, London, Kiev, Mumbai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Budapest, Johannesburg, Montevideo, Andorra, Paris, Hamburg …

He has an incredible need for integrity in what he does and a passion for sustainability.
Timm has no marketing department, but a really excellent rum in his hand and the determination to make his mark.