Jules Verne

The godfather of “Steam Punk” and “Speak Easy” bars. A truely classic and pure single rum that has a touch of Bourbon due to the aging on American oak. A medium gold color and is made of organic sugar cane molasses that is rich in caramel, toffee and chocolate flavors. The American oak adds a wide range of smokey, floral notes to the mix. The final result is a complex, dry, sweet, spicy Bourbon style Rum.
SINGLE BARREL RUM: Pure single barrel rum from Paraguay. No additives are used during the production process. Single barrel means that the entire batch comes from a single barrel.
Each bottle is unique.
REFINED BY HAND: Every single bottle is labeled with a batch and bottle number. This means that all of our bottles are traceable. Each batch is slightly different from the previous one, which makes it all the more special.
GRAND ARÔME RUM: Jules Verne is a modern “Grand Arôme” rum. Made from the best raw materials, handcrafted and without industrial pressure. Best enjoyed neat or “On the Rocks”.
Batch distillation describes the original, natural form of rum and spirits production. Compared to much faster industrial distillation methods, we are able to age each batch individually so that it can develop the best possible aromas.
PRODUCED AND MATURED IN PARAGUAY: The subtropical is the perfect environment for the raw material for rum, sugar cane. The climate is the ideal environment for the development of a special aroma and incomparable quality. The high temperature difference between day and night promotes the formation of aromas in the rum and ultimately leads to the premium rum we offer.