Marianne de Paraguay

Marianne is for Timm the hope for a good future … she stands for freedom, equality and fraternity, the law and democracy, the symbol of the republic. “Values worth fighting for”.
A great cigar rum with a lot of spectrum. Slightly oily, soft and wonderfully tasty. A classic rum that you can drink with a few friends on the weekend.
UNIQUE TASTE: Just like its name, the premium rum tastes of revolution and new beginnings. The smoky marzipan aroma, with fine notes of caramel, chocolate and vanilla, offers a uniquely sweet and complex range of indulgence for every connoisseur.
100% NATURAL: The Grand Aroma Rum was carefully and naturally handcrafted from organic certified ingredients, free of additives such as caramelized sugar or coloring. Slightly cloudy, as the rum is only lightly filtered to get the best flavor.
MATURED IN FRENCH OAK: Unlike many well known rum brands, our rum, traditionally like hundreds of years ago, is produced by batch distillation and aged on oak. The aroma released as a result gives the rum its absolutely fine smoky nuances.
SMALL BATCH CRAFT RUM: With our rum manufacturing in Paraguay, we focus on quality instead of quantity – every “Hogerzeil” rum has a handwritten batch and bottle number on the neck and is therefore unique.
HAMBURG MEETS PARAGUAY: Through the experience and skills of the rum expert Timm Hogerzeil from Hamburg, untouched raw materials in the unique subtropical climate have been distilled into an absolute rum insider tip.