Paraguay has 10% income and corporate tax, while no tax on income derived from outside of the country.

All organic raw materials. As Paraguay is landlocked the sugar industry can not compete with countries like Brazil on regular sugar cane production. So almost all sugar cane in Paraguay is organically certified. Our main sales are via Amazon across Europe and to exclusive importers. Our sales have doubled for the last three years in a row.

4. Description of business 

The distillery was founded in 2014 with the concept of making “pure single rum” … rum without any additives. We buy the raw materials molasses and sugar cane locally. From the fermented raw materials we then distill the molasses or mosto wine to become white rum. The rum is aged on either french or american oak. The bottles are all hand numbered and closed with a wooden stopper and natural cork. All finished products we ship to Europe and sell mostly via Amazon and e-retail to the end consumers. 

Personal: We have a wonderful group of people working for us.

5. Market overview 

Most craft distilleries took a hit and lost a big part of their business due to Covid19 in 2020. We managed to increase sales against the industry trend as consumers now buy mostly online. In gastronomy consumers have no choice but to consume major brands. Online consumers buy much more diverse and focus on craft products.

7. Intellectual property – registered brands

  1. Marianne de Paraguay

The Marianne is certainly the most important symbol of the French Republic. The “Statue of Liberty” in New York is the Marianne. Every french Euro coin shows her. Every government building, no matter if a city hall or a school, the first you see at the entrance is the Marianne. Paraguay has a “copy” of the French banner and historically a strong connection to France. Marianne is our best seller in France and Germany … a big, cigar rum

2. Jules Verne

SteamPunk is the most popular style in restaurants, bars. A very elegant and premium brand.

3. Armadillo

Targeting medium price range consumers.